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southern new mexico surgery center

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    Women's Health
    Is It Safe to Vape During Pregnancy?
    Nicotine in any form is toxic to unborn babies and can impair your baby’s brain and lung development. Vaping smoke may also contain some of the other harmful chemicals that are found in regular cigarettes.
    Lung Cancer May Be Greater Threat to Women than Breast Cancer
    The major reason for the greater risk is that more women are smoking these days.
    HPV Test May Be Better Than Pap Test at Detecting Cervical Precancer
    A new study found that women who got the HPV test were much less likely to develop cervical precancer than those who were screened with the Pap test.
    5 Health Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore
    If you’ve noticed small changes in your health, you may be tempted to shrug them off. But something small may be a sign of a more serious issue.
    Timing of Menopause Linked to Diet
    Eating a lot of fish and legumes may help delay menopause. On the other hand, eating too many refined carbohydrates may help bring it on sooner.
    Should You Start Getting Mammograms Earlier?
    Screening mammograms are breast X-rays that can detect breast cancer before it causes symptoms. Experts agree that mammograms save lives. But there’s a difference of opinion about the best age to start getting them.
    What Medicines Can You Take During Pregnancy?
    Your medicine bottles have a lot of information on them. But few actually say whether they’re safe to take during pregnancy.
    Try These Activities to Help Manage Depression
    What can you do to boost your mood and help keep the blues at bay?Here are 4 research-backed activities that can make a difference.
    4 Things to Do After Your Workout
    Do you know the important steps to take after a workout to keep your body healthy and strong for your next session at the gym?
    6 Health Screenings to Help Women Prevent Disease
    Don’t let heart disease, stroke, and other serious health conditions sneak up on you. Instead, prevent them by seeing your doctor for a yearly well-woman checkup.
    Boost Your Home Workout with These 3 Tips
    Are you tired of the same old workout routine at home? Do you want to increase your exercise intensity? Here are a few tips to help you kick things up from the comfort of your living room, basement, or garage.
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